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Forward Facing Faith.

But there's something in forward facing faith that refuses to be anchored to the past. It forcefully compels you to reach out to the promise of a brand new life.
It forcefully compels you to invest your hope in the precious blood of Christ.
It compels you to cast off the hold of your past and believe that you CAN change;
that you can be different; that there can and will be a better day in your life.

Your present will endeavor to entangle you and snare you to try to keep
you from realizing God's plan and God's will for your life. It will distract you with the problems and cares of the day. It will bog you down with the tedious details that must be taken care of. It will endeavor to tie up every waking moment with the effort to solve the present problems that are around you.

But there is something about forward facing faith that forcefully compels you to set aside these present concerns and pleasures in the pursuit of a much greater blessing that has yet to be revealed. This was the attitude of that little lady with the issue of blood.

Her past said you've been sick a long, long time. You've spent all your living on doctors and remedies. You've proven over and over again that your circumstance is hopeless, the story has no happy ending.

But she refused to listen to the voice of the past. Forward facing faith said, if I can just get to where Jesus is, there is still hope. The bible tells us that there was a great multitude pressing in on Jesus that day.

I can just hear the voice of her present circumstances declaring to her that this is useless,there's no way you are ever going to get the attention of the master.
He's so busy and he's surrounded by so many people. There's no sense in even trying. But forward facing faith said, "If I can only touch the hem of his garment..."
The scripture tells us that she came in behind him, through the press.

                                                                                                                                                               Elder Ventrus Norfolk, Angel of the House