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Pressed Your Way Into The Promise of God

It's a faith that we must have in order to even become a part of the kingdom of God.
But it is also a faith that we must maintain if we hope to grow in the kingdom.
I'm afraid that this is where many miss out on God's promise for their life.

They taste the fervency of forward facing faith at an alter of repentance, but discard that passionate pursuit somewhere along the way and settle for less than God's best for their life.
It is my desire, today, to challenge you to pick back up that fervent forward facing faith and pursue, again, the promises of God in your life.

He's not finished with you yet.

The same faith by which you pressed your way into the promise of God.
The same faith that compelled you into a breakthru at the alter.
Is the same faith the must be maintained in your life in order to make heaven your home.
The problem is that we allow the fervency of our faith to fade over the years.
We quickly settle back into contentment and we lose that desire that compelled and pushed us into the kingdom of God.

Its my job tonight to challenge you to extend your faith once again.
Its my job to challenge you to break free of the present and extend your faith to press for a better future.
God has plans for us, God has a purpose for us.

God knows where he’s taking us and what he wants to do for us.

But its only going to happen is we determine to press our way into it.
We must make up our mind to press for what we have not yet obtained.

                                                                                                                                                               Elder Ventrus Norfolk, Angel of the House