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  This is the year,

Pastors, Elders press in deeper, be seized by the kingdom in a new and dynamic way so that we can take the people into new and wonderful places in God.

In our worship press in to new territory in worship, press in more and more yourselves so that you may lead others into deeper depths of worship. As you know what songs we sing is immaterial when our hearts are lifted to new heights in the Spirit. Let this be your determination.

Bible Study leaders. The kids are just waiting for you to take hold and be seized by the kingdom of God in a greater way so that you might show them newer and deeper truths in a way that they understand. I want to encourage you to gain more from God so that you can give more away, invest in a deeper way in the kingdom of God so that the lives of these young people will benefit.

TO ALL born again Christians. Press in to the kingdom, be seized by the kingdom, take it by force, don’t let anything stop you, hinder you or deter you. God is waiting for you to get serious about this. He has been waiting for you to have such a determination of heart about the things of God that he will be so blessed when you take the bull by the horns so to speak and go deeper and deeper into the kingdom.

How? through determined effort, through determined study of the word, by determined prayer, through a resolution of heart and mind that will settle for nothing less than laying hold of God himself. By dealing with sin without remorse or affection.

This is a year where God wants us to press in, to be seized by and to forcibly lay hold of the kingdom.

Why? So that the person who is sitting next to you will be blessed because you are blessed. Because God has many people in this town and he is waiting for us for His people to storm heaven and bring heaven to this town. Get ready, and get a grip of the kingdom and let go for nothing or no-one. Because your life depends on it.

                                                                                                                                                          Elder Ventrus Norfolk, Angel of the House