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                                                                                   MESSAGE FROM THE PASTOR

Our main problem is that we live in the present.

The here and now is often overwhelming.
The past is a distant memory and our future is out there somewhere but today’s worries, today’s doubts and fears, they require, even demand the majority of our time and attention.
The details; the circumstances; the struggles; the battles; even the mundane tasks; our present demands our attention and attempts to dominate us.

But forward-facing faith says, "I refuse to accept things as they are. “I may have to endure the present, but my hope is in the future. Forward facing faith refuses to be constrained within the limits of what can be seen and understood at this present time. It refuses to define tomorrow in the terms of today's abilities or inabilities. It refuses to trade the warmth of hope for the stark coldness of reality.

With a boldness that can only be drawn from hope, forward facing faith embraces a promise that has not yet been fulfilled. It sees the future, not through the lens of the present, but, rather, through the prism of promise. It is a faith that invests itself in a hope for a better tomorrow. A faith that yearns for the better things that have been spoken but haven't yet been fulfilled.

It's David with a king's anointing and a shepherd’s staff. It’s the little old lady looking at the prophet and saying all is well when her son lies dead in his bed. It’s that inexhaustible faith that is fully vested in the possibilities that exist only as mirages on the horizon. Faith that will cause someone to question your thinking or even your sanity, This is the kind of faith that looses the promises of God.

This is the kind of faith that isn't content to grow comfortable in the present but reaches into the future and pulls itself into a promise. It's the kind of faith that believes, that if God said it, he's going to bring it to pass. It's the kind of faith that acknowledges that God is sovereign, he's in control, and it places its trust fully in Him to open the doors that no man can open and to make a way where no man can make a way.

                                                                                                                                                          Elder Ventrus Norfolk, Angel of the House