Our Story
​In 1938 this community was listed on the map as Pineville, Tennessee.
The community was comprised of families such as the Bly, Phillips, Thompson, Williams, Dalton, Brooks, Coffman, Collins, McGinnis, Walker, and Rucker. Nearby was the Jaybird community with families such as the Dalton, Bly, Bowditch, Rucker, and Wilson. In that same year a Baptist Minister, Reverend J.D. McDuffie came to the Pineville community and organized a church with the community of bible belivers. Church services were held in the home of Brother Charlie Phillips. Sister Maggie Phillips wife of Brother Charlie Phillips prepared Holy Communion. She took much pride in preparing wine from grapes that she grew and bread that she baked. Later services were held in an old Methodist Church pastored by Reverend Haley, the church was also used as an elementary school. Later a little weather boarded building lighted with kerosene lamps and flambeaus for outside night lighting were used.This building was located across the street from the now existing D.J. Fast Food (formerly Dairy Queen) on Morris Boulevard. The building was offered by the McGee family to be used for worship services; this building was used until August 28, 1938.By GOD's Grace and Mercy community friends and church members were able to purchase this property from the McGee family. Several community bible belivers such as Reverend Simonton, Brother Sam Lawrence, Brother Ossie Wilson, Brother Herschel Wilson, Brother J.B. Wilson, Brother Charlie Phillips, Brother Oscar Bly, Brother Fred Bly, Brother Alexander Bowman, Brother Frank Thompson, Brother Cephas Thompson, Brother Charles Rucker help construct the church. Brother Issiac Rucker suggested naming the church Mount Olive Baptist Church after a church with the same namesake in Mars Hill, North Carolina.This name was adopted, and through prayers, faith, dedication and teamwork the construction of the church was soon completed. A Deacon Board was elected consisting of Sister Ethel Rucker, Brother J.B. Wilson, and Reverend J.D. McDuffie and sent to the Knoxville Conference to instate the church. In 1947 GOD sent Reverend H.D. Fortson of Knoxville to lead the church through more continuous growth. The same year the cornerstone was laid for a new church building. In 1966 GOD sent Reverend Lester Yeary of Lowland to pastor the church. He continued with strong and spiritual fellowship and with structural improvement.Later in years Reverend Yeary's health began to fail, but he continued with his spiritual leadership. During this time Brother T.P. Phillips answered his calling by GOD into the ministry. He was later ordained and licensed. After Reverend Yeary's death in 1980 Reverend T.P. Phillips of Pineville was installed as Pastor of Mount Olive. In July of 1985 Mount Olive was blessed to witness a ground breaking for another new church structure, in which the construction was coordinated by Deacon Charles Rucker, and dedication services were held in May of 1987. Reverend Charlie Jackson served as Associate Pastor to Reverend Phillips until his death in 1987. In 1988 Reverend Henry Williams of Hattesburg, Mississippi became Pastor of Mount Olive.The church grew spiritually and in number.Reverend Edward Bell served as Associate Pastor to Reverend Williams. In 1992 Reverend C.C. Mills Jr. of Greenville,Tennessee became Pastor of Mount Olive, he helped with the realization of the mortgage note burning and laying of a new cornerstone.The church continued to grow. In January of 1994 Reverend Jessie Jones of Morristown was elected as Interim Pastor. With much love and grace Reverend Jones held Mount Olive together until GOD sent Elder Ventrus Norfolk in March of 1995 who serves as Pastor of Mount Olive today.

Elder Joseph Senter served as Associate Minister during this time.In April 2000 Brother Timothy Michael Tate preached his first sermon, he was licensed and served as Associate Minister until his job transferred him to Atlanta,Georgia in April 2001.Mount Olive Deacons past and present: Brothers Charlie Phillips, Oscar Bly, Milton Bly Jr., Luster Thompson, Fred Bly, Charles Rucker, Robert Earl Rucker, J.E. Hampton, Clarence Watterson, Edward McKinney, Walter Isom, Marshall Mills, James Frank Kyle Sr., Ernest Harbin, Pierce Garrett, and Morris Sherles Jr., Debra Robinson, Doby Boseman, Jackie Robinson, Donnie Talley.Serving as Secretaries past and present: Sisters Lou Etta Allen, Marie Pinkney, Mable Rucker, Frances Thompson, Thelma Bowditch, Ollie Mills, Jerri Rucker and our present Secretary Sister Rita Boseman.Serving as Pianist past and present: Sisters Pauline Parrish, Ethel Proffitt, Ollie Moore, Mary Pearl Wilson, and present Sister Paula Snapp.We pay tribute to all those that has taken part in the building of this blessed church home. Let us continue to work, and pray together to build stronger what our Christian Ancestors by the help of GOD struggled to build.
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